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What are good processes worth?

Process excellence ROI

Excellence in business process management is the aspiration of all renowned companies. However, how much value is there in investing time and money to increase visibility and improve business processes in general?

From a short-term perspective, we will always say that the increase in value will only bring us work on the line of business, and never record the way of working. If something is difficult to quantify, it does not mean that it has no value, and with a limited perspective, it is possible that you will miss the significant value that business process mapping can bring you.

Nintex Promapp is an intuitive, flexible, and adaptable business process mapping tool that greatly facilitates management.

Quality management of business processes saves time

Store your business processes in a central online repository and make them available to anyone who needs them.

With a customized dashboard and notifications, Nintex Promapp allows each process participant to know what’s going on with their process at all times. You can very easily display only the processes in which you are involved, which significantly saves the user’s time because he does not have to search in the directory with procedures for exactly those processes that concern him.

Client satisfaction

Satisfied clients are the result of excellent products and quality service, which are usually the result of effective and efficient processes.

By including a tool like Nintex Promapp, you encourage all process participants to engage in improvement. Their knowledge regarding involvement is very important for setting up business processes in the best possible way, and with this tool, collecting valuable inputs is greatly facilitated.

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poslovni procesi

An open path to digital transformation

The excellence of business processes enables a clear picture of where it is necessary to introduce automation because resources are lost in repetitive actions.

Nintex Promapp uses tags to identify opportunities for improvement. In this way, it highlights in which part of business processes there is room for automation.


Process management requires time, commitment and effort. However, saving time and reducing costs are very relevant.

  • • The international packaging company Graphic Packaging wanted to improve its delivery system with Nintex Promapp®. They reached 100% DIFOT (Delivery in full, on time).

  • • Gippsland Water manages water resources over 5000 square kilometers in Victoria (Australia). By using Nintex Promapp® to improve their customer relationship systems, they were able to resolve 50% more customer calls on first contact than before.

  • • A large engineering company in the US used Nintex Promapp® to lead their automation initiative and was able to identify 280 opportunities to automate their processes.

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