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Transform your outdated business processes

Business processes - business standardization

As companies and organizations grow, so does the need to establish business processes that will make it easier to perform everyday tasks.

Lately, work habits have completely changed. Departments or employees are divided into different buildings, cities, and even states. It is a great challenge in such situations to establish quality communication and coordination between employees.

The documentation of the process creates the preconditions for the standardization of business activities. At all times, everyone knows what to expect from others.

Outdated business processes

The company, business activities and technology are always evolving. Consistent with this thesis, it often happens that documented business processes remain at the level of the previous state in the company.

It then happens that outdated business processes often bring a number of detrimental consequences to companies.

The most common consequence is an increase in frustration and lack of motivation among employees because they spend their time on unnecessary processes that have not adapted to the current situation.

Efficiency is declining, and the end-user experience is often impaired.


Establish total visibility and gain control over your enterprise processes

Business process improvement is not just about technology. We believe that process improvement is a team effort that everyone across the business should be able to contribute. Nintex Promapp is a visual process mapping software that enables complete business process mapping and management simplified.

Nintex Promapp offers a feature-rich process mapping solution without the need for expensive servers, IT hardware, or personnel. The only thing you need is a web browser and internet connection to access your business processes, wherever and whenever you want.

The app allows you to share, change or comment on processes, depending on predefined levels of access, so employees can securely access processes that are relevant to them, reducing the risk of process and protocol deviations and unnecessary user licenses.


Benefits of an accessible, up-to-date, easy-to-understand process knowledge base

Deliver a better customer experience

An up-to-date, easy-to-understand process knowledge base will drive improved process execution, and a more consistent level of service delivery. This means happier customers – your customer service will be more efficient and more consistent, no matter who is serving the customer.

Simplify risk and compliance management

The better you can understand the process the better you can predict and protect its weakness. Simplify audits, compliance, and certification – create and update process and procedure content faster with process maps that are generated from text and can be dynamically updated and easily shared with external auditors.

Increase efficiency and productivity

Better execution and less time spent identifying, investigating, and responding to issues caused by process breakdowns.
New staff is more productive, and faster. And they learn the correct way to do things right from the start. Essential intellectual capital remains within your organization, even if key staff move on. Process knowledge should grow over time rather than erode with each departure.

Integrate automation

Integrating an effective automation solution with a powerful process platform accelerates digital transformation. Giving the line of business the tools to collaborate effectively with automation specialists removes the technical barriers to process automation. Customized workflows that fit your processes increase efficiency and reduce errors, freeing staff to add value rather than repeat manual tasks.

Improve quality and consistency

With clear ownership and accountability, staff can create, use and update their own process documents. It’s easy for them to identify and implement opportunities for improvement in their day-to-day work. Drive improved benefits realization on projects. After project implementations, without clearly defined and communicated processes, achieving true improvements and effective changes in the way you work are left to chance.

Reduce costs

Current, standardized processes don’t just help staff get it right the first time. They also make it easier to identify areas in your business where you’re wasting time or money, or where processes – and work – are repeated.

Increase business agility

Dynamic processes let you react faster to changing market conditions. Get ahead by letting your processes live, breathe and evolve in a central online repository. Driving change in your business is easier – and faster – when everyone has accurate, up-to-date process information at their fingertips.



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