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eVision Privacy Policy

In the eVision, we know how much privacy is important to our users, employees, business partners, and all the other people we work with and collaborate. That is why we are committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of all the individuals we interact with, in accordance with the business and safety requirements of the eVision, as well as legal regulations, best practices, and internationally accepted standards. As part of this commitment, we strive to provide you with clear information and control over the personal information we collect, as well as other impersonal information that we collect and use when you visit this website.

This privacy policy defines the purpose and goals of collecting, processing, and managing personal information within eVision company.

eVision is a part of the ITS Group which includes companies:

IT Sistemi – Nove Tehnologije d.o.o., Hrvatska, Split, Zrinjsko Frankopanska 64,

K2 Adria d.o.o., Bosna i Hercegovina, Mostar, Ul. Kralja Zvonimira 17c,


Personal Data

We collect, process and use your personal information exclusively with your consent, based on your inquiry, contractual relationship and in accordance with legal regulations.

Personal data is considered as all the information used to identify the user’s identity. This includes your first and last name, address, email address, phone number, PIN and so on.

We only process the personal information necessary to provide you with information on services, fulfillment of the contractual obligation/ordered service, achievement of employment and/or according to your consent.

Non-Personal Data

We can collect non-personal information about users that visit our website.

For non-personal data, we consider the name of the search engine, device model, and technical information about how to connect users to our web site, such as an operating system and Internet provider services, and other similar information.

Methods of collecting personal data

eVision may collect personal information in different situations, such as:

  • as part of our business processes and during the fulfillment of our legal obligations or obligations under the sales contract of our services,
  • during your activities on our website, including email communications,
  • if you fill out the form on our website, including job submission or sending inquiries.

For what purposes we process personal information

eVision may process personal data for purposes as follows:

  • harmonization with legal and regulatory regulations within and outside the territory of the Republic of Croatia
  • contracting and using the products and services we provide,
  • fulfillment of its obligations under the contract on the sale of services and products,
  • offer eVision services and products on the market,
  • analyzing and administering the website and monitoring the use of the site,
  • improving eVision’s services and products and measuring your satisfaction with our services,
  • managing relationships with internet website users and/or services and other persons for the purpose of carrying out their business,
  • selection of employment candidates,
  • marketing activities.

Use of personal information for marketing purposes 

We use your personal information for marketing purposes only with your consent and we use them for:

  • personalizing user experience – we can use the collected data to better understand how our users as a group use the services and resources available on our website,
  • improving our website – we are constantly working to improve our site’s offer based on the collected data and feedback from our users,
  • managing promotional content, surveys, or other features of the web site – for example, sending information about topics that the user shows interest and gives one’s consent,
  • occasionally sending email messages – we use the email address only to send you information and notifications according to your choice and/or answer your inquiry.

Based on which basis we process personal information

eVision processes personal information on the basis of:

  • ​​executing sales contracts for eVision products or services or other contracts concluded between the data subjects and the eVision,
  • interests in the provision of web site services and their management, for statistical purposes, for the purpose of identifying, resolving disputes and conducting proceedings between the data subject and the eVision, for the purpose of sharing personal information with group members and third parties in accordance with these Privacy Policy for the purpose of implementing the selection procedure candidates for employment purposes,
  • explicit consent of data subjects for receiving marketing messages, newsletters, email service announcements, or service satisfaction surveys, processing your queries,
  • meeting the legal obligations of the eVision (accounting and bookkeeping and labor law regulations).

What are your rights when it comes to your personal data

You are entitled to: 

  • access to information about your personal data,
  • complaint,
  • restriction of processing,
  • correction,
  • deletion or blocking of data (unless otherwise provided by law and/or contractual relationship).

If you believe that processing of personal information, we are conducting is against the privacy protection regulations please let us know in writing to our address Baštijanova 52a, 10110 Zagreb, Hrvatska or by email at:

You can also address complaint to the National Supervisory Body – Personal Data Protection Agency, Zagreb, Martićeva 14.

You can recall the consent you have given for any purpose for processing at any time. In that case, your personal information will not be used for the purposes mentioned above.

You can make a change to your consent by sending an email to the following address: with the remark “Consent Recall”.

To access information about your personal information, please fill in the REQUEST FOR ACCESS TO INFORMATION and send it to the following e-mail address:


Data protection and security

In order to protect the personal data collected, eVision carries out the appropriate physical, technical and organizational protection measures, taking into account the nature, scope, context and purpose of processing as well as the risks of different levels of probability and seriousness for the rights and freedoms of data subject.

We update and test our security technologies on a permanent basis and continuously improve them at the group level. We protect data from unauthorized access, alteration, loss, theft, and any other violations and misuse of data.

Access to data within the eVision is limited to those data required to perform certain business tasks, exclusively to authorized persons directly involved in providing or maintaining the service, and improving the quality and collection of services, in accordance with clearly defined roles and responsibilities within groups. All eVision employees are bound by confidentiality contracts and we engage solely with partners with whom we are dealing with appropriate protection measures.

eVision can not guarantee 100% security of data transfer over the Internet, web pages, mobile applications, computer systems or any other public network.

eVision is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified holder, which further guarantees quality and security of business and data management.

Using Cookies

We use cookies to enhance our offer and improve our user experience on our website. Cookies are small text files that allow to recognize users and analyze the use of our site.

Cookies allow us to optimally adjust the offer to our customers and make it more efficient and safer.

You can block the installation of cookies with the appropriate setting in your browser.

Please note, in this case, you will not be able to use all the functions of the web site in full scope.

Find more information at:

For more versions of the browser follow the link:

For additional information follow the link.


Data storage duration

​​​Personal data is stored and processed only for as long as is legally necessary for the execution of certain legitimate purposes unless the applicable regulations provide for a longer period of storage for a particular purpose, and at least for the duration of the contract between the user and the service provider.

Personal data collected for the purpose of meeting our legal and regulatory obligations are stored according to the defined deadlines.

Personal data collected for the purpose of selling products and services is stored as long as the contractual relationship lasts.

We store your personal information collected for the purpose of marketing activities until you withdraw your consent, cancel your subscription, or ask for deletion of the subscription or after a certain period of inactivity.

Personal data will be deleted upon termination of contractual or employment relationship, and no later than the expiration of any statutory obligation to store, unless a court or other similar procedure that requires data retention has been initiated.

Personal data that is no longer needed or after the expiry of the scheduled storage period are destroyed in a safe manner.

Sharing personal data

eVision may, on the basis of its legitimate interest, share personal information between members, which may also process them for the purpose of meeting legal obligations, preventing misuse, improving products and services or consenting.

The ITS Group members exchange personal information with each other only if there is a need based on legitimate grounds.

eVision may share your personal information with third parties only in the cases as follows:

  • ​if there is a statutory obligation or explicit authorization under the law,
  • if for the particular tasks we engage another person so-called a subcontractor, ie a processing agent, acting solely on the basis of an eVision’s order, whereby eVision provides all data protection measures as if doing these tasks by itself,
  • if the data need to be forwarded to third parties for the performance of the contract with data subject,
  • in the event of a change in the ownership structure of the affiliated companies of the ITS Group in the future, it is possible for the ITS Group to transfer personal information to the new affiliated companies or to third parties in order to carry out the business of the Group,
  • on the basis of data subject consent.

​​​​ Third parties include:

  • legislative, supervisory and regulatory bodies within and outside the territory of the Republic of Croatia,
  • financial institutions with which eVision is cooperating,
  • auditors within and outside eVision and other certificated auditing bodies,
  • suppliers that the eVision engages to perform services on behalf of and for the eVision account, for the performance of the contractual obligations with data subjects,
  • other organizations with which eVision has concluded a business cooperation agreement that enables business users to contract and use the products and services eVision provides.

​​​When transferring eVision data subject information, the principle of processing limitations is strictly respected with the transfer of the minimum amount of data needed to realize the requested service and with respect to all other relevant data protection principles.

eVision’s relationships with partners are regulated by data processing agreements, whereby from the partner there is required at least the same level of personal data protection as well as within the eVision.

We process personal data in the Republic of Croatia. Exceptionally, they can be processed in other countries (eg when a subcontractor from another country is engaged in providing a particular service or part of a service that includes processing of personal data) and, as a rule, in the EU Member States. Exceptionally, they can be processed in third countries as well, but in such situations, appropriate personal data protection measures are always applied, at least at the level as personal data is processed in the Republic of Croatia (eg by applying the so-called EU Standard Contract Clauses for third country processors, other legally binding and enforceable instruments, binding corporate rules, certification, etc.).

Promoting awareness of the importance of personal data protection

eVision is constantly working on educating and raising awareness regarding the personal data management of its employees, associates and users.