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Microsoft SharePoint 2010 is a technology whose primary purpose is to facilitate cooperation of a larger number of people. This technology is applied to the development of web applications for information and knowledge sharing, document management, and publication of reports to help you make the right decisions. 
SharePoint’s functionality can be defined through six main aspects:
  • Sites – one single infrastructure for all your business web pages, document and information sharing, cooperation on projects, and publishing information for users.
  • Communities – collaboration tools, managed on one single platform. Sharing ideas and team work, tailored to the business needs of yourself and your partners.
  • Composites – tools and components for independent business solutions development. Quickly response to changes in the business environment by developing easy solutions without programming. 
  • Content – content management is easy. You define the rules, and SharePoint enables you to work in close integration with Microsoft Office.
  • Insights – access to databases, reports and business applications is provided to all participants. Helps locate the necessary information and make the right decisions. 
  • Search – a unique combination of relevance, compatibility and social features helps locate information and contacts to facilitate your work. 
By using the possibilities offered by SharePoint, companies and institutions can quickly respond to changes in their operation. Employees can share ideas and experience, create solutions to suit their specific needs…

Advantages of SharePoint for different types of users are: 
  • End users – an intuitive and familiar working environment from the Microsoft Office will improve your team work by making it faster and smarter. 
  • IT professionals – a simple-to-use and powerful infrastructure will increase the efficiency of any company. Composition of components through centralised administration will enable you to keep control of the system and increase your efficiency. 
  • Developers – with SharePoint, solutions, applications, or components that would otherwise take years to develop can be designed within no more than a couple of weeks. External types of content, Web Parts and incorporated APIs are adjustable to your solutions.
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