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Development platform - SharePoint i K2

We are primarily focused on the construction of solutions based on Microsoft SharePoint technology/platform.
We consider it worth mentioning that Microsoft Office SharePoint is the platform with the greatest growth rate among all Microsoft products on global level in 2007 and 2008. With its most recent version in 2010, the trend will evidently continue, and even accelerate. 
Microsoft, as original manufacturer, intends to make Microsoft Office SharePoint, within a matter of years, a unique access platform for more or less all business-specific Microsoft server products. The 2010 version proves that the most important step in that direction has already been taken. 
All of this will additionally increase SharePoint’s market share, and place eVision in a very favourable position, thanks to its experience and the number of solutions already designed with this technology. 
Although we primarily focus on SharePoint, it is worth mentioning that eVision also designed a lot of solutions in the BPM (Business Process Management) domain. The BPM domain is a strong and fast-growing field, both on globally and locally.
For the design of BPM-type solutions, eVision uses the K2 BlackPearl platform developed by SourceCode, our partner company. This technology and SourceCode as its developer are regarded – by independent experts from the domain of business process management platforms/products – as having the greatest potential in the domain of BPM solutions development on the Microsoft platform. 
The K2 platform used by more than 1,200 clients in more than 40 countries around the world, 20% of them belonging to the Fortune 100.​
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