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Microsoft FAST​ is a flexible and manageable platform, which will easily fit into the existing ICT infrastructure of any company, integrating with different types of data sources and acquiring the safety settings and policies of the respective company. 

FAST is a powerful and scalable Enterprise Search platform, but its main advantage is the flexibility in solving different types of specific business problems. FAST solutions are easily applicable in, for instance, market analysis and research, crime investigation and safety information processing, sales, on-line publications, geo-analytics, field work, etc.
This technology enables an extremely fast and a contextually and linguistically adapted search through various types of structural and non-structural data sources, available both in and outside of a company, offering its clients not only reference to sources of information, but also a precise and contextually accurate answer to their inquiries. FAST enables its clients to further analyse and research the answers obtained, by using the navigation system through the facts, the information on their mutual relationship and their context. 
Options and features: 
  • ​Browsing through a wide range of content
  • Access to various data repositories
  • Automatic categorisation of content
  • Language recognition
  • Scalability
  • Interface adjustability and easy usage 
  • Construction of search-based solutions (open system)
eVision is an exclusive FAST partner for sales and implementation of FAST technologies and solutions for Croatia.


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