Our key competencies

  • Expertise

    We've worked on numerous projects for public and private companies in the region since 2004.
  • IT Solutions

    We develop complex solutions for improving productivity and optimizing business processes.
  • Services

    We offer services of IT consulting, education and maintaining of set up IT solutions.
BOARDpoint - solution for preparing and holding paperless meetings 
OFFICEpoint - a solution for managing records and documents designed for companies, public administrative bodies as well as local and regional self-government units  
K2 blackpearl
Connect people, processes, services and information (SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft CRM) into a unique interface using K2 workflows. 

Latest professional articles

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News from eVision

From now on, 4500 employees of Atlantic Group from 11 countries will communicate through the new intranet every day.  više
eVision to present Central Control and Management CCm™ on PharmaTalk 3 - 4 June 2013 in Berlin.  više
K2 Insider, an exclusive group of K2 partners, who have demonstrated deep expertise in K2 software and the BPM industry as a whole. K2 Insiders are a small group of 10 or so hand picked people world-wide that are recognised as absolute experts in K2 technology.  više

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Korisnici eVision rješenja
T-Croatian Telecom cooperates with eVision in the development and implementation of IT business solutions from the domain of information and business process management. Through this cooperation, we implemented complex Internet and intranet solutions based on Microsoft technology, such as collaboration support, intranet portals, eBusiness and BPM solutions. The very fact that this cooperation is a continuous years-long cooperation proves that eVision is a reliable partner with a highly trained and professional team.
Government of the Republic of Croatia
The Croatian Government is a very specific client, and we have developed a specially designed portal for conducting and managing its sessions: our eBoard ​solution.​
In developing a business process management system for non-structured data (the eProcess initiative), Podravka had two important partners: Microsoft and eVision.
SharePoint has a wide scope of use and it is a remarkable tool suitable for large enterprises such as Atlantic Grupa.
We shortened the process of approving bills from twenty to six days, solved the challenge of “lost” accounts and reduced the interest costs for payment delays.

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