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eProcurement (eNabava)

– a solution providing to its users a simple, efficient and transparent management of the procurement process. It is intended for public administration and all the companies wishing to efficiently manage the entire procurement process, from the request to the signing of the contract, whereby the entire procedure is made as easy, simple and fast as possible.

Business advantages

  • A shorter procurement process
  • Easier management of the entire procurement process
  • Easy detection of the bottlenecks slowing down the procurement
  • A survey of efficiency according to various procurement process stages
  • Easier resource management
eNabava  - monitoring activities of each particular procurement process 
eNabava - monitoring activities of each particular procurement process

Possibilities and characteristics

  • A simple and clear interface adjusted to the various user roles
  • The user is guided through the necessary steps
  • Simple determination and change of rules important for the definition of the procurement process
  • Adjustable to the organisation’s mode of operation as well as to organisational changes
  • Insight into the business history
  • Managing all the procurement procedures and the accompanying tender documentation
  • The rights to access documents are defined in advance
  • Different statistical reports possible Integration with other systems possible (ERP, HR,…)
Using this solution makes the procurement process transparent. it is possible to know the ordered and consumed values compared to the plan in any moment for any part of the organisation.


The procurement portal is based on Micosoft SharePoint Server and K2 BlackPearl platforms. It consists of several parts – the starting and the administration web-site, and a web-site of individual procurements.

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