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The system of approving and delegating the approval, eApproval, is a generic platform, i.e. the service for approving and delegating the approval through corporate hierarchy. As it is very flexible, it can be used in small businesses, large users and public sector.

  • ​​defining, managing and delegating rights in one place
  • simple interface (independent web application or as a part of the existing SharePoint installation)
  • central place for administrating rights to the approval
  • using the existing corporate structure and information on employees
  • direct, serial and parallel approval
  • for every rule definition it is possible to use different source of hierarchy structure
  • rule definition for indefinite number of business processes
  • activating, deactivating, changing and deleting rights to approval
  • indefinite number of request parameters based on which the right to approval is defined
  • support for managing exceptions

Define your own rules!

Who gets to decide on or approve of something, what are one's responsibilities – these are the questions that consume time, take up a lot of effort and money. With eApproval you can define your own rules and answer the ''who, what and why'' questions like a shot!
Business value
  • ​rules respect corporate hierarchy
  • improves overall functionality of the automated business 
  • saves the implementation time, risk and costs
  • access from more locations (Internet, intranet) and devices
  • adjustible to a wide spectrum of corporate scenarios – the ones currently active or the ones that are about to be activated
  • possibility of simpler integration with the existing standard ERP (SAP), HR, CRM i.e. any other LOB applications
  • simple maintenance with decreased costs​

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