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eApproval for Invoices

Reduce the time necessary for invoice approval by using this solution and increase the operational transparency of your organisation. There will be no more “lost” invoices or searching for them in the organisation, because your invoices will always be available in electronic form.

The goals of using the system

  • process automation and standardisation – creating an IT system in accordance with the business needs of a city, company or organisation
  • putting an end to the physical circulation of documents
  • shorter periods of time necessary for invoice approval
  • introducing controls in the process (in accordance with the law on fiscal responsibility)
  • possibility of simple change, adjustment and optimisation of the process

What does the process look like?

eApproval for Invoces process  

Possibilities and characteristics

"In the city of Karlovac, we receive around 5,000 invoices per year; a large number of people participate in the approval process. By introducing the invoice approval system, we have shortened the incoming invoice approval process from 20 to 6 days, we have solved the problem of “lost” invoices and we have reduced the interest expenses due to late payments."
Lidija Malović, Head of Finance and Budget Department, City of Karlovac

"The team from eVision views things from an IT perspective, however we have found a common language when creating a process that requires business understanding. They delivered the solution that we wanted. I am thrilled with the whole project, because we have improved the whole process."
Zoran Cetinjanin, Head of IT Department, City of Karlovac www.karlovac.hr

  • direct automatic invoice delivery to the responsible organisational units / persons
  • incoming invoice processing standardisation
  • the invoice processing is significantly faster
  • the possibility of an error is eliminated
  • increase in transparency – at any time, it is possible to see in which phase the invoice processing is and who needs to approve
  • invoices are scanned and they automatically get a bar code, so there is no need to physically sort out invoices
  • the system recognises the scanned incoming invoice and automatically starts the processing and invoice approval
  • managing confidential information through access settings
  • the image on the invoice is available online at any time
  • e-mail notifications and warnings of an incoming invoice and when it is due for payment
  • the system is completely adaptable so that the process suits your needs
  • history overview of all invoices
  • invoic es remain in paper form in one place, e.g. in the accounting department
  • a warning system if the process participant is late with an action  
  • savings in paper (invoices, order forms, contracts and other attachments are no longer photocopied)
  • simple integration with the existing ERP or accounting systems

Who is this solution intended for?

  • state administration and local self-government bodies
  • medium-sized and large companies


The solution is based on Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and K2 technologies.

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green calculator

Use green calcultor to find out quantity of resources you can save by switching to eApproval for Invoices.
How many paper invoices do you send/recieve out each month? (minimum 500)
How many papers by invoice?

(e.g. inovice + order + quotation = 3pcs of paper)

Your savings:

It is estimated that by switching to e-invoicing you can save:
  • of carbon
  • trees
  • of water
  • of solid waste
  • paper
  • of oil
  • electrical energy

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