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Modern times demand, and technology enables, interactive two-way communication between various users, that is between a user and an application. SharePoint 2010, as the basis for building Enterprise Portal, supports business networking through user profiles and web-sites. Together with the possibility of integrating the existing applications into the portal, this solution enables extensive scope of work organization, information exchange and, finally, enables business users to be more competitive. 


  • ​Web 2.0. character
    • social networking
    • blogs
    • content tagging and categorizing
    • posting comments and rating a content
    • Wiki pages
    • tag-clouds
    • My site and My profile
  • Collaboration web-site
    • announcements, calendars, links, tasks, documents, discussions…
  • Enterprise Search
    • documents and information on the portal
    • information on employees
    • shared directory
    • data from business (LOB) applications
  • ​Document Management Platform
  • Integration of the existing applications into the portal
Simpler, faster, more up-to-date

There is a great need for the place where you can share content, collaborate, organize your documents and information. In the future, the need will be even greater. Get ready for the future with SharePoint Enterprise Portal!​

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