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Find out about a strong partnership that will improve BPM applications worldwide.  more
We created our first Smart TV app with the department of Corporate Communications of Atlantic Group.  more
Read about our relationship with our great partners.  more
There's more documents than ever (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and managing them takes up our time. Luckily, there's a solution.  more
We singled out the most important facts for choosing SharePoint in any company.  more
Adriaan Van Wyk from K2 speaks about trends in the IT industry for Information Age magazine.  more
From now on, 4500 employees of Atlantic Group from 11 countries will communicate through the new intranet every day.  more
eVision to present Central Control and Management CCm™ on PharmaTalk 3 - 4 June 2013 in Berlin.  more
K2 Insider, an exclusive group of K2 partners, who have demonstrated deep expertise in K2 software and the BPM industry as a whole. K2 Insiders are a small group of 10 or so hand picked people world-wide that are recognised as absolute experts in K2 technology.  more
Given that our old website got wrinkles, and facelift does not work, it is time for renewal. At the same time, SharePoint 2010 was launched and we seized the opportunity - we designed a new website  more

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